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The DDA PM-Uday Yojana is a property-rights programme open to Delhi residents. All apartments and residences in unlawful colonies are documented by the PM-Uday website service. PM Uday reports that there is a nominal charge for registration and related paperwork.

Reports indicate that 40 lakh Delhi residents now living in illegal colonies would be eligible to become homeowners under the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana. One alternative choice is taking out a loan against one’s

home or apartment as collateral. Before submitting an application for the PM-Uday Scheme, make sure you are familiar with the DDA-PM Uday Scheme, online registration, and the list of disapproved colonies. Please call the PM- Uday support line if you have any issues with the illegal colony registration process or the login procedure. Prime Minister, may I suggest theĀ  pm Uday Scheme?

The Prime Minister’s Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi (PM Uday) Awas Adhikar Yojana is a housing initiative.

The two houses of Parliament (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) voted to enact it so that colonists would have some protections over their land. Millions of households have been given respect through the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana.

If you’re wondering how to get legal ownership of your apartment or house in an unapproved Delhi colony, you’re not alone. Your worry has inspired the creation of DDA PM-Uday Yojana. As of PM-rule, Uday’s illegal colonists in Delhi are granted full property rights. A system for registering property and applying for ownership rights was established in no-go zones. The DDA places a premium on the work of PM Uday Delhi.

Contact the PM Uday customer care hotline if you have any questions about the PM-Uday plan. Questions about the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana? Dial our toll-free number right now. Examine the paperwork involved in becoming a PM-Uday and how to accomplish it.

Supporting Materials for the Application

One must apply to PM-Uday online and complete the required documentation in order to purchase a home or apartment. Receipt Sale Contract for DDA PM-Uday Yojana

The GPA Electric Bill the Property Tax Receipt and the Title Deed Constructing documentation dating back to before January 1, 2015.

Other Proofs of Ownership (buildings)

Quicken the PM-Uday registration process using these supporting materials. If you have any questions about Prime Minister Uday’s unauthorised colony registration, please dial the number provided. Professionals will respond to all inquiries regarding registration. The PM Uday help desk is closed today; if you need assistance, please call our emergency number. Questions about the PM-Uday plan are answered around the clock, every day of the week.

Pre-Midday Signup

Online applications for PM-Uday Yojana require registration. Join the DDA PM-web Uday community by signing up here. If you need assistance applying for the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana, you can reach out to the PM Uday DDA helpline.

Helpful staff members are available to respond to your inquiries and guide you through the application process. Since the PM Uday support team is in high demand, getting in touch with them may be challenging. For assistance with PM Uday online registration in this scenario, please get in touch with our support staff. Online signup for PM-Uday has begun.

Individuals Interested in Signing Up: Send in your name, address, and other pertinent details about your property first.

It is possible to sign up for PM-Uday online.

Please finish the application and send it in.

After signing up for the PM uday yojana, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes your unique registration number. It needs to be in writing or on paper. Please get in touch with PM-support Uday’s staff if you encounter any issues.

Internet-based forms:

Register with PM-Uday and then complete the application form online.

Simply enter your details below, or on the site itself, and hit the “File Application” button.

When you’re ready, click the “Send OTP” button after entering your phone number. The captcha code and the code from your phone must both be entered. Enter your login details to proceed. Please double-check your phone number or get in touch with PM Uday’s support team. Project Management Office Udyaya Yojana

You are about to be redirected to PM Uday’s online signup form. Please get in touch with PM- Uday’s support staff if you encounter any issues.

To find the Empanelled agency responsible for adjusting the geo-coordinates of your home, click the link in the top right corner of the website.

Contact the organisation for the coordinates.


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