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The lavish lifestyles of famous personalities in Hollywood are no secret. Almost all the top movie stars and other celebrities in the industry own yachts, some more luxurious than others. Paparazzi often reveal photos of various movie stars partying on their yachts. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the luxury yachts owned by celebrities, their worth, and their top features. 

The best yachts owned by renowned movie stars and Hollywood personalities

According to industry veterans, many customers request yacht rental Dubai options that resemble those of top celebrities. Many people want to enjoy sailing like their favorite celebrities do on their own yachts. The following are some of the best examples of Hollywood celebrity-owned yachts that attract such admiration. 

  • Rising Sun- Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Sarita- Nicolas Cage
  • Hokulani- Nicole Kidman
  • Seven Seas- Steven Speilberg
  • Amphitrite- Johnny Depp

Rising Sun- Leonardo DiCaprio

Throughout the decades, Leonardo DiCaprio has become a household name. The Oscar-winning actor has made over $7 billion throughout his acting career and is one of the top-paid actors in Hollywood. 

His beloved Rising Sun is one of the largest yachts worldwide. The yacht was designed to match the requirements for the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio spared no expense in customizing it, and the entire cost of building the yacht exceeded $200 million. The yacht has several superior facilities and features. It includes a helipad, a movie theatre, a premium wine cellar, and even a basketball court. 

Sarita- Nicolas Cage

The actor and producer Nicolas Cage is popular for his versatility and his roles in popular action movies. His acting skills and range have fetched him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. He is still actively involved in various top movie projects in Hollywood. 

The actor follows a carefree lifestyle; his yacht perfectly represents this notion. Sarita is a gorgeous yacht that enables its passengers to live a life to remember. There are plenty of luxury facilities available onboard. A range of water toys is additionally available for added thrill and excitement. 

Hokulani- Nicole Kidman

As one of the most paid actresses in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman needs no introduction. Furthermore, she has been an active part of the industry since the 90s and owns a production company called Blossom Films. The actress has won several awards throughout her career, including an Oscar. She is also known for her philanthropic nature and has often been regarded as one of the most influential people in the world. 

Her yacht Hokulani is a marvel to look at and has several personalized luxury amenities. It includes a centralized entertainment system and a convenient swimming platform. The yacht is large in size and has plenty of comfortable cabins for up to 20 guests to stay in. 

Seven Seas- Steven Speilberg

The celebrated, award-winning director, producer and writer Steven Speilberg is famous for his classic hit movies like Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Schindler’s List. His net worth valuation is a whopping $4 billion. He has won 3 Oscars throughout his impressive Hollywood career. 

His Seven Seas yacht is remarkably gigantic at 282 ft. A wide range of ultra-luxury amenities is available onboard, guaranteeing a comfortable time for all the guests. The infinity pool onboard overlooks the ocean and is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the views.  

Amphitrite- Johnny Depp

Much loved for his incredible acting range, the actor and musician Johnny Depp has won 3 Academy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. He has a production company called Infinitum Nihil. 

Yacht Amphitrite is 156 ft in size. Many people have pointed out that it closely resembles a pirate ship like the one in his movie The Pirates of the Caribbean. It has wood features, mainly based on teak, giving it an old-time charm. Significantly, unlike most other celebrity-owned yachts, Amphitrite has no swimming pool or other extravagant luxury amenities. The yacht is ideal for long sailing trips. 


It is interesting to learn about celebrities and their glamorous yachts. Apart from being a space for relaxation and adventure, a luxury yacht remains an unmatched symbol of luxury, even among celebrities. 


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