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The water is an excellent exercise environment and movement is suitable for almost everyone. Swimming is one of the most popular sports in Finland and as a form of exercise it is suitable for everyone who swims. Swimming improves the condition of the respiratory and circulatory system, muscle endurance and maintains muscles. When swimming, the musculoskeletal system is not struck. The buoyancy of the water facilitates the movement and therefore it is possible to make movements there that would not succeed on dry land. Swimming is a reasonably priced hobby, as there are enough swimwear and goggles. However, in addition to the equipment, costs may accrue from the entrance fees to the swimming pool with Lifeguard License.

Swimming technology

When swimming, water resistance increases the load Energy consumption increases in water due to heat loss. Swimming is a technique, and swimmers swim in their own style. A person with poor technology progresses slowly in the pool and uses their muscles uneconomically, increasing energy consumption and load. A swimmer with good technology must not improve his endurance condition as easily as a swimmer who is less proficient in swimming technology.

Regardless of the type of swimming, a good and streamlined position in the water is essential for progress. The water resistance decreases when the body is parallel to the water surface. When swimming, you should use the technique or techniques that you know and enjoy and do not strain or ache your muscles. If you do not master the breathing technique, for example in breastfeeding, but swim with your head upright, the muscles in the neck and shoulders can be strained and sore.

Progression takes place in all sports mainly by hand and swimming should find relaxation and a good rhythm. A good rhythm when means that the hand traction should be as efficient and forward-looking as possible, followed by a relaxed recovery phase before the next hand traction. Breathing should take place rhythmically and without interruption, even when the face is in the water. If you do not know how to breathe and do not want to put your face in the water, it is better to swim your back.

Endurance and muscle condition

Swimming is an exceptional type of endurance because it does muscle work in a resting position and yet it develops endurance and strengthens the heart effectively. The buoyancy of the water allows the swimmer to be kept in an almost weightless state and the hydrostatic pressure of the water surrounds the body. In swimming, as in other sports, the duration and effectiveness of the exercise is important. If you want to improve your fitness, it won’t work if you just swim for a while or just float in the water. Of course, being in the water can relax and maintain tense muscles.

Your fitness will improve if you enjoy the water for at least 20-30 minutes at a time, you will breathe and the will feel quite strenuous. The maximum heart rate in the water is about 15 beats lower than on land. Even if the heart rate stays at moderate readings, it develops endurance because the heart does volume work effectively.

Swimming is a versatile sport for the human musculature, especially if you can vary different styles. The muscles of the body, arms and legs develop while swimming. The use of various aids can enhance the development of muscle condition. Using fins or a swimming board gives you more strength to your leg muscles. Hand-held plates, or “laptops,” increase the muscle strength of the hands.

Good for joints

Swimming and otherwise moving in the water improves joint mobility and does not strain the joints. When swimming, there is no need to support the weight of the body and there is no muscle strain in the same way as when walking, for example. Water exercise is therefore very suitable for people with joint problems, for whom walking can also cause pain. Suitable for restorative exercise from the stresses of the working day. It does especially good for people who work or move on their feet.

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