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Are you trying to know more about the free HGV class 2 training available in the UK? You are in the proper spot. In this article, we’ll explain how to become an HGV class 2 driver and receive free training in the field. Continue reading to learn more.

You know that the UK was going through a scarcity of HGV drivers in 2018. To cover that up, the government of the UK decided to give free HGV class 2 training to people who want to become HGV drivers but don’t have enough funds. Most people don’t know about this. There are some types of free HGV training offered. It is according to the requirement.

Drivers Can Proceed Directly To The Class 1 Test (Category C+E).

Drivers can learn and take their test in Class 1 (articulated) vehicles despite completing their HGV Class 2 training(Category C) first and clearing the exam.

However, for many people, the expense of getting your licence is still the biggest concern. Both of these changes have significantly improved the professional appeal of truck driving.

Most people won’t have to break the bank to pay for the HGV class 2 training, theory tests, CPC qualification, practical test, and driving test, which will cost about £250. The expense of the necessary training might range from £2,000 to £4,000 on average.

Although many new drivers are eager to pay this off when they start making money, some people find the uncertainty unsettling. The only alternative is to pay for your HGV class 2 training; there are ways to obtain your training and get paid for it.

The UK Government’s Skills Bootcamp Provides Free HGV (LGV) Training

The “Skills Bootcamp” programme offers free training across disciplines, from digital skills to building projects, engineering, and green skills, lasting up to 16 weeks. It primarily targets people looking for a new career or back to work after a break.

The HGV Skills Bootcamp Course: What Is It?

The UK government funds the HGV Skills Bootcamp, an HGV class 2 training programme that offers free HGV instruction to truck drivers.

Drivers who complete the HGV skill Bootcamp course receive professional driving instruction and their Category C (Class 2) or Category C+E (Class 1) licence. A variety of courses for a multitude of skill levels are made available to about 4000 people.

There may be a course that interests you.

Whether you have no prior experience driving large commercial vehicles but are looking for employment. Or want to upgrade the current HGV licence (from Category C to Category C+E, or to include dangerous substances (ADR licence), for example).

Similarly, assistance is available if you have left the sector for a while but want to return.

Expect high demand for this HGV class 2 training because it has the added benefit of providing you with. Lots of support to secure an interview for a job once qualified, with no conditions.

HGV Skill Boot Camps- Eligibility
For free HGV class 2 training, you should be eighteen years old or more. You should be self-employed, employed or should have lost your job within the time of twelve weeks.

Additionally, according to the programme, if you return to work after a break, you are already qualified. Regardless of your present position, you must possess a valid UK driving licence. It’s crucial to note that if your current HGV class 2 licence has an endorsement. It may be difficult to get employment after completion of the course.

As A Result,

While we can’t possibly cover every way for obtaining a free HGV class 2 licence.  We hope that this post has provided you with a place to start. An estimated 100,000+ drivers were required to fill the existing gap, and more programmes should soon be available. It will undoubtedly take years to settle this, and HGV driver salaries will likely remain high for some time.

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