There are many hardware stores in the United States, but Ace Hardware is one of the most popular. Ace Hardware Corporation was founded by four men in 1924

after the Chicago Hardware Foundry was acquired by four men. One of the largest hardware retailers in the country, the

company is currently based in Oak Brook, Illinois, and has over 5,000 stores nationwide Home improvement projects

can be completed with the help of the company’s tools, services, and more. To keep their prices low, Ace Hardware offers discounts to attract customers.

Are there military discounts at Ace Hardware?

That’s right! Ace Hardware does indeed offer a military discount, as we’ve done the research for you. A 10% discount is available to all active duty military personnel and their families. Military IDs

or proof of service are needed to receive the discount. However, certain items and

services may not be included in this offer. Additionally, the discount may

only be used in selected stores and cannot be

combined with other promotions.

Can I get a military or veteran discount at every Ace Hardware store?

Since Ace Hardware is a franchise, its offers can only be used at participating

locations, and terms may vary from store to store.

To find out if Ace Hardware offers military discounts, call or visit your local store. They continually add new deals and offers to their website, so be sure to check it out for more information.

What are the eligibility requirements for the discount?

Military members, veterans, and their families can take advantage of the

discount, including active-duty military and reservists, as well as those from all branches of the U.S. military. This applies

to the Army, Air Force, National Guard, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Navy.

Valid military ID or proof of service must be presented at checkout in order to

receive the discount. An ID card issued by Veterans Affairs, a Common Access Card, or any other official document

proving military service or membership can be used to prove your status.

Are there any Veterans Day discounts at Ace?

It is not possible for Ace Hardware to offer a Veterans Day discount at the moment. Keep an eye out for special offers and deals in your local store throughout the year if you are a current or former military member.

Is there any other retailer that honors military members?

Ace Hardware is not the only retailer that offers military discounts.
Amazon, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy are just a few of the many retailers that offer these services. It is important to check with the store before shopping for military discounts since each store has its own policy. If you’re looking to save money, most stores offer discounts of at least 10%.

Key Takeaways

Ace Hardware offers a 10% discount for military personnel and veterans. You can take advantage of the discounts available to military members at retailers by doing this. Save 10% at Ace Hardware by showing your ID or proof of service next time you shop.

You now know how to save money at Ace Hardware with the military discount. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to get the best deals on all of your purchases. Good luck!

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